This one began for Richard in 1998. His Mum had bought him a book called ‘The Complete Home Confectioner’ by Hilary Walden. This introduced him to sugar work. He considered his favourite sweets and thought he likes caramel flavour, but they always seemed to be very firm or very chewy. He would prefer a runnier version – so set about creating it! Loves a challenge! He worked out this meant adding more butter, cream and sugar to the mix. 

But he realised he wouldn’t be able to hand roll this as it was far too runny. This was his first foray into using moulds. It was a NIGHTMARE he says – no joke – a total nightmare. Things like to stay in their moulds! This is when he learnt to temper chocolate, mould it, fill it with his caramel mix and they always reminded him of the Caramel Cups in Quality Street, a much-loved childhood favourite. Therefore, this one is also foiled. He loved the Quality Street Caramel Cup so much and loved the magic of un-foiling it and he’d exclaim “It’s a posh Rolo!”

This story was first published on our Facebook page in 2018 as part of our ‘The 12 Days of Chocolate’ flavour story series. But I think the story of flavour creation is interesting to read all year round – so they are finding a second home on our new blog and website!

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