This story was first published on our Facebook page in 2018 as part of our ‘The 12 Days of Chocolate’ flavour story series. But I think the story of flavour creation is interesting to read all year round – so they are finding a second home on our new blog and website!

Richard takes after his late Dad, both obsessed with the coconut flavour. Not just in chocolate but anything coconut. In 1997, Richard really wanted to make a chocolate for his Dad, that he knew he’d really enjoy. Seeing that smile of delight on peoples faces gives Richard the best high. 

His original coconut truffle used condensed milk! He then rolled the truffles and dipped them in white chocolate, but they were very sweet and very sickly. After a few years of trying other variations, Richard came across a book by Jean-Pierre Wybauw. His work used a sugar syrup instead of condensed milk, which resulted in a much lighter truffle – much like a Bounty! 

For the next few years, Richard used this version. He ended up with a contract for a man in Wolverhampton, who wanted a range of Caribbean chocolates to sell in his store. At this point Richard added rum into the mix. Then this chocolate took a bit of a break from being made. “I just stopped making it. My Dad passing was probably a huge factor in this.” 

Richard felt that the Christmas Boxes 2018 were the right time for this very special truffle to make a comeback. However, he wanted to update his recipe slightly and the way this one is made is slightly different to those way back, as the coconut is infused in rum for 2 days first. Then that mix is incorporated with crystallised sugar. This is then bound with dark chocolate ganache and hand rolled. Then dipped in white chocolate and barrel rolled in coconut to give the appearance of a snowball!

He believes this latest version gives a more complex flavour profile. First the coconut flavour gives way to the chocolate notes, then the crystallised coconut and rum hits your palate – giving layers of flavour. He is VERY HAPPY with this one and it is his favourite batch ever and he is happy he has given it a fresh twist for 2018 and its return. We both think his Dad would be over the moon with this one – cheers to you Joe.

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