Irish Cream

This story was first published on our Facebook page in 2018 as part of our ‘The 12 Days of Chocolate’ flavour story series. But I think the story of flavour creation is interesting to read all year round – so they are finding a second home on our new blog and website!

In 2005, Richard was in a restaurant back home in the Midlands and after their meal his friend said the meal was amazing and the coffee afterwards was lovely but what it was missing was a truffle to go with the coffee. They got talking to the owner and discussed flavour options, deciding on Irish Cream. Richard had never made one before, but we all know by now, he likes a challenge! 

He went away and tried various combinations. The cream already features in the liqueur, so it was tricky, but he managed to create an Irish Cream truffle that the restaurant was very happy with. Since then it has always featured in the Christmas boxes and is now a firm favourite with couples when choosing flavours for their wedding favours with us.

He did start off using a much lower cocoa percentage chocolate for the coating back in the day, but it was a bit sickly, so now he uses a higher percentage to dip them. This one is also decorated with a spiral design, as previously discussed in the Peppermint story on Day 2. Over the years he has experimented with different options, but he always comes back to his original discovery in 2005.

Chocolate really is Richards passion and it is a pleasure to now be onboard with him, as a team of two, making Lefevre Chocolate happen. You may have seen references to ‘Team Teapot’. This is our little term for the pair of us, as when we stand about discussing the business, or making the chocolates, we both have a natural stance of one hand on our hip. One day we both noticed we stood the same way and thought we resembled teapots – hence the term ‘Team Teapot’ was born. A bit silly but quite endearing, I hope you agree.

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