Dyslexia Awareness Week

From the official website:

Running from 7-13 October, this year will focus on schools and businesses empowering people with dyslexia.

More than one in ten of us are dyslexic. Dyslexic strengths around understanding complex information, seeing the big picture and communicating with others, means dyslexia creates great work at all levels, in all kinds of roles and across all industries. Yet, too often, we are failing to empower dyslexics to do their best work.

For Dyslexia Awareness Week 2019 the British Dyslexia Association is asking schools and workplaces to put aside half an hour to explore how to empower dyslexia in the organisation, maximising the value it brings.

Between Monday 7 and Friday 11 October, we hope you will take a moment during a breakfast, lunch break, assembly or class to:

  • Share information about dyslexia using our Dyslexia Awareness Week packs
  • Invite relevant people to share their thoughts on dyslexia, including a:
    • Dyslexia pupil or member of staff discussing what being dyslexic in the organisation is like, including the strengths it brings
    • Senior dyslexic member of the organisation talking about how dyslexia has played a role in their success and what has empowered them
    • Member of the HR or SEN team talking about what support is available to people with dyslexia or that suspect they may be dyslexic
  • Set some time aside to invite questions and comments from everyone participating

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