Checklist Day

I do love a to do list!

The more complex our lives get, the easier it is to make mistakes. Even the simple things can be forgotten or go unnoticed — let alone the difficult or complex things that fill our day. On October 30, we celebrate Checklist Day and the innovative tool that has lasted the test of time.

who loves a check list!?

National Checklist Day Activities

  1. Make a checklist – Grab a pen and paper. Or a smartphone. Or a rock and chisel. Think of this checklist as a tool to get everything done. Start marking down all the things that that need to happen for you to complete your project. When you are done writing everything down, cross “Make a checklist” off your checklist.
  2. Check everything off your checklist – Take it one checklist item at time. Go through it methodically. Check off the items as you complete them. When you reach the end, give it one last look to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Then put the list down and step away.
  3. Celebrate your victory over your checklist – Raise your hands in triumph and celebrate what you have accomplished. Reward yourself for getting organized and completing everything on your checklist. Now you get to make a checklist of how to celebrate.

Maybe you can start your to do list for Chrsitmas? Is buying Lefevre Chocolate Christmas Boxes and Mulled Wine Slab Bars on your list!?

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