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Alison Jones  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

19 August at 16:53 · 

Just had my first taste experience of Lefevre chocolate. A dark Pistachio & Sea Salt slab. A real treat. Not too bitter, nor too sweet. Loved the pools of salty sweetness and the pistachio crunch. Great to know that there are no artificial nasties in these handcrafted blocks of pleasure and delighted to be supporting local artisans. Looking forward to trying out more flavours

Nikki Foy  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

28 April · 

I had two boxes of Easter chocolates, one for my daughter and one for me. Absolutely delicious, beautifully packaged and a great price too. Highly recommend anyone to try them. Never had nicer chocolate 🥰

Diane Bradley  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

30 April · 

Wow! That just about covers it! The Easter egg you kindly sent to us to celebrate our opening was absolutely divine – the best Easter egg we have ever had! The way the chocolate was layered was amazing & the chocolates inside simply divine! Thank you so much!!!! We will definitely be seeing more of you!

Kariss Maii  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

15 February · 

best chocolate ever!!! really enjoyed them definitely be buying again 🤗😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Keri Pollard  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

31 January · 

I had some of these chocolates for a gift for Christmas and they were truly something special!! Each chocolate was also decorated like a little piece of art! Thank you x

Natalie Kerr  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

2 February · 

I brought 2 boxes one for me to try and another as a gift 🎁. The gift ended up being for me, 🙈as I couldn’t part with such deliciousness. So I will need to make it up real soon and order some more. If you love chocolate I’d definitely would recommend you buy you won’t regret it.😊

Donny McKenzie  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

16 February at 12:13 · 

The ultimate chocolate experience! Bespoke chocolatier, with amazing results, cannot recommend them highly enough!

Lesley Hance-solomon  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

5 February · 

I’ve been extremely lucky to have tasted lefevre chocolates 
I have never tasted chocolate quite like it 
So extremely delicious and so very different from any I’ve tasted before 
The flavours are so amazing 
I was excited to try the next one …
Such talented chocolatiers 
That really deserve the best credit they give and have put into making such beautiful chocolates definitely made with love and such hard work to satisfy their customers.

Sarah Taylor  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

23 January · 

The most incredible texture. The balance between the filling and outer shell was PERFECT (and there was no skimping on the chocolate!) They had an almost ‘advert perfect’ crack when we bit into them. The caramels… oh my god, the caramels. And not too firm but not too gooey that it went everywhere. So often handmade chocolates compromise somewhere but not these. Honestly delicious.

Kariss Mai  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

15 February at 18:43 · 

best chocolate ever!!! really enjoyed them definitely be buying again 🤗😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ange Lowemax
  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

22 February at 09:07 · 

Gorgeous chocolates and a friendly welcoming service, thanks guys!

Trish Cameo  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

25 January · 

I was treated to a box of Lefevres Christmas Chocolates – what a treat! Being locally handmade I didn’t expect them to have the depth of flavour that you would expect from a more commercial company that have spent years perfecting the art. Richard I found out from the Facebook Flavour Blogs has himself spent many years perfecting the flavours of these chocolates, and it certianly shows. The attention to detail in the quality and taste was obvious and you could tell they were all made with so much love and care and decorated so beautifully too!

My absolute favourite was the Brandy and Orange I just loved the flavour combinations and the brandy flavour stayed right through to the end. Another favourite was the Hazelnut, I loved the crunchy outside and was glad you didn’t put a whole nut in the middle. The Peppermint too was just lush – I loved the thick dark chocolate shell and the minty flavour is superb, not sweet and sickly just refreshing, I could go on, but, you need to try them yourself… Perfection in a box!

I would highly recommend Richard and Laura both for their chocolates and the lovely friendly service that they give to their customers!

William Penney  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

16 January at 19:30 · 

Beautifully packaged and even better tasting.
Would highly recommend, 5 stars!

Juliette Freeman  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

15 January at 21:39 · 

the most amazing and tasty chocolates I’ve had in ages! yum yum…can’t wait for my next box!! 💕

Maureen Powell Davies  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

15 January at 21:04 · 

Great Christmas chocolates from Lefevre Chocolate this year. Always enjoyed by everyone as something a little bit extra special.

Lesley Tew  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

15 January at 18:54 · 

Absolutely delightful, the only bad thing are the calories!!!! We have ordered more for our wedding favours in June. My favourite – Irish Cream wow

Martin Webb  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

15 January at 18:47 · 

If you love chocolates you can’t get better quality and taste than Lefevre Chocolate, for that special occasion or just because you love chocolate be in touch they would lov to hear from you 💖

Sam Dobson  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

29 December 2018 at 21:06 · 

I brought a box of chocolates from Lefevre Chocolate as a treat for myself for Christmas and I must say the flavours are amazing! Each handmade chocolate looks so beautiful and the quality of the chocolate is stunning. These chocolates would make the perfect gift, just as much as they make the perfect treat for me! 🙈

Hales Morris  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

29 December 2018 at 15:32 · 

The box has finally been opened, so it’s a slippery slope from here…

Chocolates are scrummy, a flavour sensation you didn’t know you needed till you have.

Beautifully presented & delivered with care, thank you 😊

Louisa Jakeways  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

27 December 2018 at 09:08 · 

I like to think that I’ve tried alot of the best choclatiers in the UK and can honestly say Lefevre is one of them that I’ve been fortunate enough to try this Christmas. Their truffles are so smooth and rich and each flavour expertly balanced. My favorites were gingerbread and cappuccino, whilst my son loved the peppermint and my husband the brandy and orange. There is truly something for everyone in a box, what a lovely present or a great box to share with family along a coffee post Christmas dinner as the presentation is absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be buying more.

Angela Glennon  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

25 December 2018 at 05:31 · 

Lush taste and stunning work of chocoartistry! Truly the food of love, to love❤❤❤

Callum Jones  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

10 December 2018 · 

Excellently presented, beautiful looking and, most importantly, amazing tasting chocolates! Thanks guys! 🙂

Stacy Rowland  recommends Lefevre Chocolate.

7 December 2018 · 

My delicious box of Christmas chocolates arrived yesterday. Unfortunately I just couldnt wait till Christmas to try them, they were gorgeous! Thank you so much xx

Julia Webb reviewed Lefevre Chocolate – 5 star

20 September 2017 · 

Beautiful looking chocolates and more to the point – they taste truly amazing! Lucky enough to have had a few samples and well we will have a big order for Christmas! Can imagine Lefevre Chocolates making wonderful wedding favours and bespoke gifts. Would highly recommended and can’t wait to try some more! 🙂 x

Kate Broome reviewed Lefevre Chocolate – 5 star

20 September 2017 · 

The most deliciously more-some chocolates I’ve had in a very long time, and decorated so beautifully too! I would highly recommend this company! x

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