Artisan Belgian Chocolate made in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK. We stock shops across the UK – click here to view where you can buy our products.

Some 25 years ago, Richard Lefevre started on his chocolate making journey. First, just for family and friends but soon he was supplying cafes, shops and restaurants.

He took a break from chocolate while caring for his late Father. He always made chocolate boxes for Christmas though, even during this ‘break’ – selling to family, friends and work colleagues.

Fast forward to 2017 when he quite by chance was reunited with an old work colleague, Laura. Since then, Laura has come onboard and helped grow Lefevre Chocolate to what it is today.

Richard had no social media knowledge and wasn’t overly keen on the selling side of things. Together they make a fantastic team with their vastly different skill sets. However, they share a strong passion for quality chocolate and building a brand to reflect their personal ethos.

Since 2017 they have enjoyed high levels of repeat business. “Simply charming chocolates” is currently being banded about as a possible Lefevre Chocolate tagline by Laura – but Richard thinks it a bit twee. When Laura is photographing the chocolates, she says she cannot help but be charmed by them!

Having so far sold direct to customers via word of mouth and social media, Summer 2019 saw Lefevre Chocolate expand into the wholesale market. Now, in March 2022 – we are opening our online shop!

As well as our everyday wholesale ranges – we also offer chocolate wedding favours, Valentine’s Chocolates, Easter chocolate boxes, Christmas selection boxes and bespoke chocolate art – to name a few.

As we get asked how to pronounce Lefevre a lot…..either of these ways are fine by us!

Over Christmas 2018 we released 12 stories over on our Facebook page – click the flavour titles below to read all about who we are and how we develop our flavours.

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